creative process

initial conversation

1. C O N T A C T - When you select the package you are interested in, please send me a message. We will briefly discuss your project, style expectation to determine are we perfect mach for this project. You can send me some pictures for reference, describe your overall vision, introduce yourself. When we know each other a little better I'll inform you about nearest Start Date and send you a personalized quote.
2. B O O K + R E S E R V E – When everything is discussed and agreed I will create for you Private Listing and send it to you (if you ordering by Etsy - otherwise it may be used PayPal invoice), so you can make your first Payment (50%).  This means that you are reserving spot in my design schedule and we will be ready soon to start our Creative Process.

homework + strategy

3. H O M E W O R K – Usually there is a free time between your first inquiry and Start Date so you will have opportunity to fill out the Brief and create the Pinterest board to provide basic information about your business and vision as a written and visual blueprint for new design. I will analyze your form and board, so please keep this in mind: your answers will help me build a great brand and this is key step for developing a fantastic design so I'm kindly asking for thoughtful, specific and descriptive answers. Don't hurry, take your time, put down brief for one day and then return to it. I need you to be completely sure of your answers and vision.

* Design Strategy isn't part of Logo Design. It's included in Standard Branding Package and Complete Branding Package because of the amount of collected information. You can compare packages and their details in SERVICES PAGE.
✓ what you need to prepare:
- Brief – fill in carefully prepared questionnaire or workbook to provide basic information.
- Pinterest Board – prepare the inspiration board on Pinterest. Please create a board and pin at least 15 images which can represent your brand style. It should contain a variety of pictures showing such issues as: colors, style, fonts, favorite logos. These can be images of fashion, food, interior design, art, photography, nature, editorial - anything you want.  It's important that you just maintain the desired atmosphere and feel.

✓ what I will do with it:
When I gather all information, I am ready to start design logo. For Branding Packages I will prepare Design Strategy with moodboard which will summarize information, my conclusions and brand strategy, general direction of our design for your confirmation.

design + revise

4. C R E A T E  L O G O – Our Start Date finally arrived, you can relax and wait for first concepts. In the mean time I will be analyzing, sketching and designing like crazy. Soon you will receive first Logo Concepts.

5. R E V I S E – Once you choose one, favorite logo design, you have few rounds of modifications of this particular design. You will have the chance to describe what you like, what you want to change and how to improve it. Please remember to be specific and descriptive as possible. Number of rounds is specified in every listing and depends on project. I will be redesigning the logo until we finish our rounds and you will be fully satisfied. Additional revisions can be requested.
6. M O R E  D E S I G N + R E V I S E – this step is optional and it depends of which package you originally choose. If you choose Standard Branding Package you will also receive Moodboard and Cohesive Brand Elements (submark, secondary logo, color palette, typography recommendation). If you order Complete Branding Package you additionally get Business Card Design + Social Media Design (Facebook, Twitter) + Stationery Design (Letterhead and Postcard or Envelope design). Additional services can be added any time, until Creative Process isn't finished.

Extra design will be based around brand vision and logo design. After each step I will send you samples and you will be revising them so I will be able to make amendments.


7. F I N A L  D E L I V E R Y – When you see all previews of design elements, we can finish our Creative Process and prepare for final delivery. Once you have accepted the final design, for the last time I will prepare for you Private Listing so you can kindly complete the Final Payment (50%). Then I will send you all files in variation of master files (PDF, AI, PSD) in high quality.