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marsalala blogger template pastel feather studio

Inspired by Pantone color of 2015 - Marsala I designed new blogger template. And now it's available in PFS etsy store :) This is multipurpose blogger theme with simple and modern design. Marsala theme, pin-it option, share buttons and drop-down menu makes this template equally beautiful and functional. This is perfect for photography, lifestyle or fashion blog. If you aren't fan of Marsala color you can easily change colors in blogger designer. I hope you will like it :)

To view this template in action, visit: http://marsalala-demo.blogspot.com/

marsalala blogger template pastel feather studio


drop-down menu
mobile view styling
marsala color theme
pin-it button on image hover
stylized post footer with share post button
fully customizable with blogger designer
automatically generated about author widget (from google+ profile)
customizable social media buttons
blockquote stylization
archive widget stylization
search bar stylization
subscribe widget stylization
popular post widget stylization
simple and modern design

marsalala blogger template pastel feather studio
MarsaLala blogger template

MarsaLala blogger template


I'm so happy that I finally make the total makeover of Pastel Feather brand :)

I was preparing for this for a long time, and I came to the conclusion that designing for myself is probably the most difficult thing that I ever tried in design field. Oh my god I'm really so very picky and critic. Everything has to be perfect and double check to the pixel. Two months and few mental breakdowns later I can finally introduce my new look :)

This year will be in gold and pink shades, simple typography and triangular shapes. I want to my brand be delicate, girly and classy. I hope you will like it :)

2015 PFS rebrand

2015 PFS rebrand


I just love December :) Snow, hot chocolate, wool socks, hugging boyfriend to stay warm at night, mandarins, Christmas, candles. This is December I love :) Too bad that in Poland this year we don't have snow ;( Probably this winter will be snow-less :( But I love it anyway :)

Lately I discover amazing program Inkscape and I was practicing like crazy my handwriting with tablet. Here are results with free December wallpaper for PC :)

december free wallpaper pastel feather studio

free calligraphy and watercolor wallpaper pastel feather studio

click image above (or this link) and enjoy this wallpaper :)

Please do not share them as your own work, not to sell, use for business / commercial purposes or remove the signature from the graphic below. Fell free to share this with link back to this post or my blog. I do it out of the kindness for new and current readers and to share my work to others, so play nice. Thank you :)

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Free December wallpaper for PC

Free December wallpaper for PC


pastel feather studio moodboard, blue, black, orange, pink, yellow, design, colorful

currently I'm working on design of Polish parenting blog. This is gonna be so cheerful, vibrant and energetic color combo :)

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Moodboard 07 - colorful rainbow

Moodboard 07 - colorful rainbow


Ooh, this October was pretty intense when it comes to design blogs. But don't get me wrong I'm not complaining! :) today I want to share with my latest work which is D&P good for you blog.

what I do:

blog design
illustrated menu

meet the client

This blog is run since 2009 by the Polish couple: Dominika and her husband Piotr. This charming couple from Gdansk writes a reviews of cosmetics for men and women, advice about beauty, skin treatment, sometimes about blogging culture. The post content is always valuable and in high quality but usually written spontaneously. The blog for them is a pleasure not a duty. Oh, and they are rabbit lovers :)

about the project

We started from picking the color palette and decided to have brown and soft beige tons. I created this moodboard and I was ready to start, I was designing for the first time vintage looking blog so this was a challenge but the final effect is pretty awesome :) Features in this blog are: Magazine style of post, vintage feel, custom blog and post footer, illustrated menu, related post widgets, custom search buttons and of course mobile view styling. After one month of designing and coding we lunched the site. Here is some brandboard and previews:

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DESIGN WORK 06: D&P good for you BLOG

DESIGN WORK 06: D&P good for you BLOG