Moodboard designed for recent client - Claudine from AINA brand. Whole process and design soon on the blog! :)

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MOODBOARD - indigo pink

MOODBOARD - indigo pink


Hello guys! Finally I can show brandboard for Lucky Star! After teasing you with logo propositions, and moodboard, all comes together in this brandoard. I'm very happy with it, but most important Kasia love it as well :) I like how it all have this simplicity and class, which I intended to keep all the way.

Logo design was an exiting and challenging part, geometric star with knitting theme represents business and name of brand in clean and straightforward way. We mixed the typography from logo propositions. Submark and soft colors completed the work. :)
Design work - Lucky star

Design work - Lucky star


Do you remember last post about Luck Star? Now I can share our color inspiration moodboard for this project. I want to keep the same vibe as the general vision which is simplicity, class, natural look, and soft colors. Geometric knitting icon pointed in the right direction for logo design which will be on blog soon :)

sweater / dark wool / sheep / white wool / paint
Moodboard 09 - woolly neutrals

Moodboard 09 - woolly neutrals


I'm so happy that I can share with you this new project. Recently Kasia contacted me about a logo and branding for her new project - lucky star. I was so pleased because we were working before on her blog, so I knew it's gonna be fun time - again. Lucky Star is new home-based knitting studio. She using merino wool for cute little baby caps, shoes, and also sweaters for adults.

We started from quick brief and Pinterest board for inspiration. Kasia was very clear about her expectation about overall look of her brand. Important key words is: simplicity, minimalism, transparency, class and elegance. Here are logo propositions. In next days I will share final look and moodboard because we have finished working on brandboard :)
Creative process: Lucky star

Creative process: Lucky star


Do you remember the last moodboard?
Now I can show you the whole project as a introduction of my new branding services. You can see all the details here in service page.  

What is the custom branding service?

It is is amazing experience with brand development including:- design consultation
- design strategy + moodboard
- 5 logo concepts + 4 rounds of revision
- cohesive brand elements (secondary logo, submark, color palette, typography recommendation)
- brandboard (shown above)
- final delivery in variation of master files

Branding is suitable for Blog Authors, Photographers, Etsy Shop Owners, Small Business Owners and all kind of Creative Entrepreneurs. I'm open-minded and If you are looking for honest, skillful and passionate designer - I'm your man (women to be exact). ;) 

If you curious you can read all about the creative process 

DESIGN WORK - Custom branding service

DESIGN WORK - Custom branding service


I know it's been a while since I shared something but I'm back on track. I was hardly working on new design services and new listings for Etsy shop. This is snippet from my new Branding service, where I created brand identity. I will be revealing more in next posts, for now, juicy, modern, green moodboard. I love this calm and minimal vibe and delicate line art.

photo source: olivesRubber plant by Oliver Osborne, logo,palm tree, cactus, interior
MOODBOARD 08 - Floral green

MOODBOARD 08 - Floral green