About me

welcome in pastel feather studio!

About myself:
I'm Monika Dudikeni and I live in Poland. I am interested in computer graphics and web programming. When I discovered Pinterest, I opened my eyes to what I always thought was just a hobby. I realized that many people are looking for inspiration: for projects, jobs, blogs and design. I also admire the beauty, especially in digital form. I inherited the artistic soul of a colorful family, especially the father. Dad paints portraits and beautiful old houses seaside town. My uncle wrote a book, another uncle worked in television filmed short documentaries. Half the family lives in Poland and the other half emigrated to the United States. Our family is big, I have a lot of cousins ​​and aunts, even recently met a family in Australia. I live by the Baltic sea with my fiance Paweł in small apartment.

What I like in random order:
confetti, pugs, coral, turquoise, muse, mood-boards, tea, depeche mode, peonies, glitter, gold, books, perfumes, breaking bad, css, lost, house, greys anatomy, typography, etsy, handmade things, ray-bans, top-chef, doggies, nutella, cupcakes, angry birds, beyond two souls, pewdiepie, green tree, harbor, sea, space, warm socks, mahjong, ramin djawadi, inception, the hunger games, harry potter, modern calligraphy, wonder forest, E.S. Posthumus, Andain, cut copy, bunnies, rats, unicorns,...

I'm designer: My road to become a designer was long but exiting. I just felt one day, this sudden urge to change my life, change something. I was very young (22) so I knew that I can take that risk and do what I really love. So I quit college and started to learn about graphic design. At first I was a silent observer and fan of other designers, which are inspire me to this day. I was observing and absorbing knowledge from Pinterest, video tutorials, studying and learning on my own. I started reading books, manuals, practice in graphic programs. I specially loved Illustrator and hand lettering. So, yeah, I'm a self-thought. In the meantime I discovered my hobby - making foil prints. You can see them in Printablo shop.Nevertheless my true passion and love is graphic design. Now I'm running small shop on Etsy, I want to expand my small business, learn more, design much more (yes!) and looking forward what's gonna happen next. :)

What I do:

- brand strategy
- brand consultation
- logo design
- brand design
- business cards
- stationery + editorial

graphic design: 
- illustrations
- color palette
- hand-lettering
- social media design

web design:
- website design
- blogger templates
(+ blogger coding)



I love to design stuff so if you are looking for honest, skillful and passionate designer  - I'm your man (women to be exact). Along all services in graphic design I also offer Creative Process which is amazing experience with brand development and design consultations. I always work thoughtfully and creatively. To make sure if we are perfect match, please take a look at my past work in portfolio and etsy shop. so you can see my style and aesthetic. I'm always searching for kind, patient and positive clients. If you need designer contact me any time. We can make a good team and design something truly beautiful and astonishing.  *Please inquire about your project to receive custom quote.