artwork - britt bass turner summer print, color palette designed by me.

During this silent time I was a lot of thinking of my designs and color palettes. I was so tired and and stopped like this monotony - which, incidentally, I set for myself. But here, now is new season, spring has arrived so I really want to refresh my color palettes style (Again!;)

The first time I did color combinations, and placed them on circles. (here, here and for example here) which was an Y E A R ago! Since then I've learned a lot about myself and what I like, even though I haven't accomplished a lot in blogging. 

After that in autumn 2013 I did a makeover and change the blog template and color palette too into ribbon style. But the whole time I was bothered that I again have limited place and the number of colors that I can choose. Typically, this was five colors, rarely six. And the other thing, that was important to me to highlight the author of photo that I use. From time to time I thought to myself that it's not fair to use someone else's photos, modify them and add the appropriate signature.I know it's normal thing in whole blogosphere but I have in the footer of the blog i have information about credits and I'm asking about link-back my work, so I should follow this rule the other way too. I don't like hypocrisy.

Spring 2014: So here I come with new color palettes with credits in the image (for Pinterest) and link for blog readers. Slowly, I'm also resigning from using photographs of nature, landscapes, etc, (very hard to find the original source of image) and I'll use artwork, prints, paints. Everything what I like in arts. Additionally, I won't limit myself of the amount of selected colors. I choose as many as needed. I want to also play with the proportions and fit them on how much is used in a particular work.

So as you can see, May is the time for me to summarize my work and style. And it is a great feeling, because I realize that I evolving as a designer. 

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