New blogger design in etsy shop - CHARLOTTE BLOGGER TEMPLATE.

Oh-aaaaaa, I'm happy that my project is finally online, and that I can share this with you, my shainies.

Over the last few days was designed, a new template for blogger and is called CHARLOTTE. I combined a traditional blog layout with a modern version of an artistic mess. I love painting, especially watercolors. So why not combine these two things? :)
I learned a few new things in the coding, and I am very happy with the result. I played a little in Photoshop with watercolor brushes and their transparency.

Create this gave me a great pleasure and satisfaction.
Now you can see how it looks and what a special template I prepared in

This multipurpose theme is beautiful, bright, watercolor and artistic. Watercolor theme is suitable for many things and different subjects

To view this template in action, visit: DEMO

entire blog width: 1100 px
post area width: 700 px
sidebar width: 320 px

2 Column Layout
automatically generated header
fully customizable DROPDOWN menu with 2 submenus
automatically generated about author widget (from google+ profile)
customizable social media buttons (just add links)
stylized post footer with share post button
stylized box about the author, under the posts (hidden on the home page)
stylized popular post widget
blockquote stylization
highlighted comment author of blog
footer prepare for 3 widgets

How your impressions? Do you like this combination? Do you think that the colors and water colors fit together?

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  1. WOW Monika, you did an amazing work with this template! I'm in love with watercolors and orange...
    Apart from my personal tastes ^_^ I find that the simplicity of the template is great! Easy to read, clear, light to download. I saw the demo blog and it works perfectly. Love the cascade menus. Love the round pics on popular posts section. I actually love all!
    Great job! I'm gonna promote this!
    Love from Italy xoxo

    1. Thank you very much for your insightful opinion.
      You make my day :)
      Greetings from Poland

  2. Such a creative design! I really love it :)

    Designed by N x