Free December wallpaper for PC

I just love December :) Snow, hot chocolate, wool socks, hugging boyfriend to stay warm at night, mandarins, Christmas, candles. This is December I love :) Too bad that in Poland this year we don't have snow ;( Probably this winter will be snow-less :( But I love it anyway :)

Lately I discover amazing program Inkscape and I was practicing like crazy my handwriting with tablet. Here are results with free December wallpaper for PC :)

december free wallpaper pastel feather studio

free calligraphy and watercolor wallpaper pastel feather studio

click image above (or this link) and enjoy this wallpaper :)

Please do not share them as your own work, not to sell, use for business / commercial purposes or remove the signature from the graphic below. Fell free to share this with link back to this post or my blog. I do it out of the kindness for new and current readers and to share my work to others, so play nice. Thank you :)

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