DESIGN WORK 05: D&P good for you BLOG

Ooh, this October was pretty intense when it comes to design blogs. But don't get me wrong I'm not complaining! :) today I want to share with my latest work which is D&P good for you blog.

what I do:

blog design
illustrated menu

meet the client

This blog is run since 2009 by the Polish couple: Dominika and her husband Piotr. This charming couple from Gdansk writes a reviews of cosmetics for men and women, advice about beauty, skin treatment, sometimes about blogging culture. The post content is always valuable and in high quality but usually written spontaneously. The blog for them is a pleasure not a duty. Oh, and they are rabbit lovers :)

about the project

We started from picking the color palette and decided to have brown and soft beige tons. I created this moodboard and I was ready to start, I was designing for the first time vintage looking blog so this was a challenge but the final effect is pretty awesome :) Features in this blog are: Magazine style of post, vintage feel, custom blog and post footer, illustrated menu, related post widgets, custom search buttons and of course mobile view styling. After one month of designing and coding we lunched the site. Here is some brandboard and previews:

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  1. Bardzo dziękujemy za świetnie wykonaną pracę. Nie spodziewałam się, że oprócz spraw związanych z pracą nad blogiem nawiążemy tak dobry kontakt:))) jak coś wiesz gdzie nas szukać!:)