moodboard 05 - d&p

Let me introduce you with new project. I'll be redesign Polish beauty blog - the D&P. Ohh, I'm so in love with this colors - mocca, beige, soft shades of brown, pink and yellow. Especially during the autumn hot tea of coffee are my essentials for existence. When I look at this moodboard I almost can smell the delicate coffee. And this peachy and pink are my favorite things in the world. So energetic. 

But in blog makeover I'll be more focused in mocca brown and chocolate shades so the style of the blog will also fitting for men readers. I don't want to whole design was strictly for women.
As always I'm so excited to wait and see how this turn into blog ;)

Take a look of that moodboard:

pastel feather studio, moodboard, brown, beige, pink, design, neutral, pastel, soft, yellow

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