DESIGN WORK 03: ikomi blog

Recently I was working on colorful custom order for blog design for IKOMI BLOG.

what i do:

blog design for blogger

meet the client

Let me just quote her lovely introduction:

Hello and welcome! My name is Inari and I'm the writer of this blog. The name of the blog comes from letters picked from my first and last names, and doesn't really mean anything (not even in japan, as far as I know). And that's what makes it awesome. The blog is written in two languages, (English and my mother tongue Finnish), as I really couldn't pick just one. And I enjoy writing in both of them.

This blog is like a notebook I share with others. I write about things I like and that are important to me, no matter how small they are. In my blog you can find lists, crafts, colour charts, little joys and ordinary everyday life. My love for colours and photographing can also be seen in my blog

I live Finland, in Helsinki, but I dream about moving back to Turku. I am a librarian and currently read loads of children's literature for my job. I always carry a notebook with me, when writing this there were five of them in my bag. I own eleven cameras and mostly use one of them. I have lots of ideas but too little time to try them out. I collect teacups, buttons and jewelry. I hate it when my feet get wet, when people are mean to each other with intent and when the machines aren't working as they should. Instead I like soap bubbles. mint chocolate, film photography, bookstores, tea, rubber boots and taking naps.

about the project

The key to the new design was to define the clean space with multicolored palette. Inari wants something subtle and easy readable. It was amazing process to include this juicy range of colors but still keep the feeling of minimalist layout. I have design something suitable for the new banner which was created by Spanish Marina MareLloba. So this was a small cooperation with another creator.

Header by Marina MareLloba


pastel feather studio for ikomi blog

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