Spring time!

Every flower must grow through dirt.
my calligraphy

Hello! It's been forever! 

I was blogging so little but the spring came and with it a new season. Perhaps this post is late, but here in Poland Spring has just begun. The sun is shining, the air is clean and brisk and I feel like it's a new start for everything in my life.

I was thinking a lot about in what direction I want to go with blog and Studio, and all this businesses. I just started working on next project and designing a blog template, and I'm very happy about it! :)

I also working on re-branding of my websites. I want to have website and blog in one place, under one Internet address. I have to refresh my brand for new season so... finger crossed. :3 

During this time I was practicing my skills in Illustrator and made first steps with calligraphy and turning it into vector. (Picture above is a small sample) I think I found out my own "style" of handwriting. A little bit messy, irregular, italic and uneven. So it's basically a total denial of calligraphy rules. Because I'm not really into holding the lines and proportions of letters. I tried but I prefer my scribbles. Don't hold that against me! ;)

So, yay! I'm happy and looking forward for new season and brand new edition of blog.

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  1. Very nice!!! I'm so happy you kept practicing calligraphy! the results are amazing Monika! I know from Marzia that she commissioned the re-styling of her blog, I'm so looking forward to seeing her new blog ^_^
    And I'm really happy to hear that you want to go a step further with your website/blog. This is entrepreneurship my dear! ;-)
    Keep working hard, you did a great job so far!

    1. Thank you! This means a lot because you are like calligraphy guru! :)

  2. congratulations, this is magnificent calligraphy