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Hi! :)

We should stimulate all of our senses. The best proportionally :) 

But you can't, for example, everyday spend the same amount of time to smell the flowers in the meadow to keep your  sense of smell satisfied. Well unless you have so much free time... I don't.

I know I spend too much time on the computer ans tiring eyes of. Then I read a book, work, design, watch TV. Everything I do I use my eyes. Which is not good, because I have a big vision defect and shouldn't strain my eyes - especially shortsightedness. 

To get away from it, I become listen to the music - everyday. I never wonder about my music taste and what I like. I just listening the standard polish radio's where are played commercial music. I want to try something new and alternative. I discovered so many great songs and bands, rock bands, DJ's and instrumentalists that I gathered dozens of gigs of music.

So I dig into some music pages like soundcloud, spotify (which I never do before) and choose an 8tracks as my favorite radio / a little bit of social media music page. It's good to me because I always wanted to have an online music library with proper tags - like album, release year, genre etc. and I have in my computer a pretty big collection of songs. But sometimes I delete something by accident and my Windows Media Player connect with internet and change names and tags and I have a big mess anyway. Ugh. Do you know good PC program to keep music well organized ?   
Ok that enough of  entry to this post (a new series maybe?)

I want to share with you my recent and first of many (I hope so) favorite playlist:

  1. Les Djinns - Djuma Soundsystem
  2. Flicking Pages - The Timewriter
  3. Breathing Place - Vibrasphere
  4. Beautiful Things - Andain
  5. Think Twice - Ralph Myerz
  6. Bullets - Archive
  7. World Hold On - Bob Sinclar
  8. Kiara - Bonobo
  9. Trauma (Worakls Remix) - N'to
  10. If I Had a Heart - Fever Ray

This music is mix of electronic beats and two indie / rock song. They really help focus and I have goosebumps when I listening to it.

How do like this songs? Do you have favorite one and want to share with me? :) I'm looking forward to it! 

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  1. Hi dearest :-) I'm a fan of radio listening when I work or old dvd playing ;-) but of course, I'm a vintage lady. I don't mind listening to digital compilations online but I really do it rarely!
    So my contribution for your problem is like zero… I'm sure you'll find the right program ;-) you digital girl!
    Have a nice Sunday evening!

  2. wow, love this music!