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I've been very busy lately with Pastel Feather Shop so my blog came down to second place. 
But today I'll give a little update whats going on :)

• due the many requests of color changes in Charlotte Blogger Template I decided to expand this product line with new colors. So here we have two new Charlotte blogger templates in shop: aqua / teal and violet / blue. Other color are in progress. I'm thinking about pink, green and yellow.

• I'm currently working on two brand new templates. One with neon yellow and teal watercolor theme and  one completely different with hexagonal shapes. Sweet! :)

• I'm trying learn a little bit calligraphy :) I did literally the first attempts in life with ordinary neon highlighters. 

(Here my first doodles)

I wanted to see if I even like it and if I have any talent in this field. But I really liked it and...I'm try-harding ;) I love modern calligraphy and I'm pinning here everything about it and  I'll be learning this skill from this pictures. I admire stunning style of Lindsay Letters , Mellisa Esplin and HejHeidi . So I'll have a serious trip to the stationery store for a decent markers, ink and pen. This thing is very fresh and I don't know anything about it, brushes, inks and techniques are a little blurry right now (like this picture - sorry for quality - my camera still broken)  but I can't wait to learn this! :)

• Finally, I started to arrange my 'office' and this week I bought a great big white desk and working on the decoration of my little corner. When ready it will share photographs because I can't wait to be ready and frankly, I need my own, pretty work space. I still jealously watching pictures of cool work-spaces, offices and office supplies on Pinterest, (here and here) But I want to build my place in accordance with the design, decore trends even with a very small budget. So what I can do I'll be DIY. Yay!

That's all for now! Stay awesome!

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