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As a designer I love, love art and everything eye-catching. I constantly looking for breathtaking painters and artist to follow and inspire. 

So I wanna to share with you some of my favorite fine arts or artist. 

Today I'll talk about amazing Marion Bolognesi.
Can we find the basic information on the official blog: Marion Bolognesi lives and works in New York City. Her interest in drawing, painting & fashion were evident at a very young age. In 2003 Marion received a BFA with a focus in Illustration from Massachusetts College of Art & Design in Boston, MA. After finishing undergrad, Marion moved to New York where she has worked in the arts for the past 8 years. Her time is split between accessories design and her personal passion for expressive, illustrative watercolor painting. Marion has exhibited her paintings and work around the globe.

Her work is stunning! This is mix of watercolor portraits with some crazy splashes and tears of paint. All are painted on a white background and devoid of facial contours. I have a feeling that it fills a lot of emotions that paint can not soak into the paper because of their excess, and roll off the cards. A m a z i n g! as a true fun of watercolor I immediately fall in love :)

Look at it yourself!
All Images Copyright © Marion Bolognesi

Of course not all the images I put here, because if you like her work, please visit the official website or  my Pinterest board in order to explore more and more! :)

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