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During a long absence from the blog last week, I've been thinking what direction I would go with my posts. The general concept I wanted to show what inspires me and drives as a designer, but I can't separate my work from ME. I came to the conclusion that in my blog I write only about business ( ha ha I write, sure - rather I put pictures) and skipping completely myself.

I would like to start writing also about life, my thoughts, try open to the world and people. I made up that
I'll use the fact that I am a quite a thinker, I'm always thinking how to improve myself, over-thinking some things over and over again. Really.

So I'm going to share with you my thoughts - all based on QUOTES. And searching the internet, reading books, you can find thousands of them and some just getting deep into my heart. I won't especially look for them in order to write something good - it's all about to show you what touched me recently, without any faking. So Friday is a quote day :)

So here we go! :)

If you are depressed you are living in the past.

These words I repeat like a mantra. They help me understand that sometimes it's better to let go. As  I mentioned earlier, very often I reenact some of situations, I wondering why and what goes so wrong, what I should do better. And after this I'm sad, it gives me a sense of dissatisfaction. Enough already! It's amazing because before I found this words I wasn't aware of that I sometime stuck in past. At my own request. I left it behind, and I'm so much better. :)

BUT! (why always have to be a but? :) ) It's ok to learn from mistakes. Think what really holds you back. Think now one more time about what should you do better next time and then take a big breath and l e t   g o! You will feel relief. I felt.

If you are anxious you are living in the future.

This is definitely my thing but I am fighting with this. A year ago I would not be brave enough to stop looking for work, and try to start my own business. Start a blog, go to a party to friends and begin to e x i s t somewhere. For sure I'm still pretty withdrawn, I'm not go out often but I don't have this feeling of fear when when I could do anything as long to just stay home. But I do not feel paralyzed when I have somewhere to go, even I'm going with a smile because I feel like 'it could be fun, and I really wanna go and see this person and have nice time'.

So my I advice is simple and maybe a little cliche (I hope not!) - of course If you looking for the future fearfully -  fear doubles all. This thing that you are afraid of, it isn't so terrible! Only you think so! Face it. And think what big things people can do! Believe in yourself... because I do.

If you are at peace you are living in the present.

All the previous steps are aimed at one thing: to achieve harmony.  Imagine a swing where on one side is the past, and on the other the future. To keep balance you need to get closer to the center where  peace of mind is. To live in the present, you have to find peace. To live right here and right now you have to   l e t   g o  the past and stop w o r r y i n g   about the future. 

  • Don't overthink about past but learn from mistakes.
  • Don’t fear of the future – work for your own future in present day.
Find a balance - find the peace.

So, I'm very curious what you guys think about this post? Are you like it and looking forward to next time, for next QUOTE OF THE WEEK in Friday or you think that was a waste of time? Be honest and let me know!

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  1. I did not know this quote, but I definitely want to print it out and frame it on the wall in front of my desk! It's something I've been fighting with for many years and I don't want to forget the simple rules that are inside this quote!
    Thank you Monika for telling us about your thoughts! This is so lovely!
    So Fridays will be quote days! I'll put it in my calendar ;-) and will look forward to it!
    Have a relaxed and blessed week end!
    Cecilia K