Grey mood and gdynia shore


I'm sorry I didn't write past week, but a lot was happening at work and in my family. I really wanted to find even a moment to sit down at a laptop, but unfortunately I couldn't. I have to make some orders to my shop (wooohooo!) and support my fiance on hard moments with health of his father. Of course this is not excuse, and I'm not complaining. 

Sometimes you need to be the grown up one, stand side-by-side with love ones and face up many problems. And the hard part it's when we know that we have no control about time and health. This past few days was hard for our family, and we spend most of this time in hospital. And this situation will be continue, maybe we will have to get through surgery. We are a little bit frighten but hoping for the best.

When this thing happens I always going through a period of melancholy and wondering about life. I am not very cheer right know and my mood worsen with bad weather. It's grey. And I'm hating this grey. In Gdynia we don't have snow yet, it's too warm. But it's December so the days are short, and the most of the time is dark. When I wake up it's dark outside, then for a few hours are so grey, foggy, and cloudy so I have to turned on all the lights, and this gives this horrible orange glow in all over the room. And after 4 in afternoon, getting darker and darker and we have night all over again. I miss sun very much :)

A little bit of this grey, you can see in this pictures, that I took few days ago. I was on a walk by the sea and our beautiful waterfront. I love the sound of waves, this always calms me down. I can look to the see and enjoy the silence and feed seagulls with bread. And I am happy that you can see my hometown, Gdynia shore, because this is lovely place and dreamed destination in summertime :)

Love you guys, sorry for my mood! Tomorrow will be better day!

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  1. Monika, I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles and wish all the best for your boyfriend's father! Sometimes you just need to take your time and take care of the ones you love <3
    Your pictures are fantastic!
    Warm hugs, Cecilia K