December checklist

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Every year, when it begins to feel the Christmas atmosphere, I'm starting to regret that I didn't do the typical winter things last winter. Even if they are small things or just childish - it is good to feel it for yourself, that you are part of this celebration of a winter period. 

So, here is my December checklist :)

1. Watch Hunger Games 2 

 This is not something you associate with December, but in Poland the movie flies recently, and I have not had a chance to see it, yet. I saw the first part (unfortunately not in the cinema), and I read Suzanne Collins books within three days. It was like reading marathon. But I couldn't stop, so I gave up and completely drifted from reality. I love this book - despite the different opinion - its depth, the wisdom of the main character, and the moral of the story. Personally, I always prefer the book from its film adaptation, but I really want see this movie. 

2. Have snowball fight 

I hadn't done this since my school days when, coming home from classes I and my girlfriends were pelted with snowballs. This year I think this will be good way to get back at my boyfriend. *evil laughter* :)

3. Wear wool socks 

 I have to always have warm feet, otherwise I'm angry and I can't go sleep as long as they will cold. So this year I planning to prevent than to cure a cold.

4. Eat tangerines 

In different countries, there are different flavors of Christmas. In Poland they are: (the sweets)  milk chocolate, gingerbread, poppy seed pie, oranges, peanut pie and mandarin. Mandarins are sold in a large bag, even two-kilo bags! The point isn't that, there are not only sweet, juicy and delicious, but their zest makes that's specific citrus scent all over the room and  added to the dough makes it more tasty. Also mandarin / tangerine peel can be putted next to lighted candle and make an amazing fragrance candle. This is very popular in Poland, and when we see in the shops full stands of mandarins it's like we know that's Christmas are coming (so brace yourself :) )

 5. Make snowman 

I even don't remember when I make snowman last time. I suppose I was a kid. I look forward to a good snow (must be moist and have a good stick) and I gonna make some giant sweet-ass snowman.

6. Last thing, I will definitely do this year is go to the New Year's concert. 

In my town, will be organized by   the largest TV station in Poland big open-air concert. It will be a lot of celebrities, Polish singers and  most important - fireworks. The show will be transmitted so maybe someday i will see myself in the TV (but there is a big chance that I will be drank - in that case I hope no camera will spotted me) :) And everything will takes place in Kosciuszko Square. It's like 1 meter from sea and looks a m a z i n g. Along the Square stand sailboats and everything will be reflected in the sea. I will try to go for a walk there and make pictures to show you how wonderfull this place is.

Do you have any plans for December? Or are they already have some New Year's resolutions?
I would love to hear your thoughts. :)

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  1. My checklist is the same! haha

    Victoria ♥