SOLID system blogger template

Two days ago i released a new item in my shop :) Take a look.

Solid system is modern blogger template, with stylish ribbon theme and solid black accents. You can choose your favorite color and make blog more suitable for you.
To view this template in action visit: http://solidsystem-demo.blogspot.com/
To view mobile devices template visit: http://solidsystem-demo.blogspot.com/?m=1 and resize browser window to smaller width

THIS TEMPLATE IS SUPPORTED BY BLOGGER DESIGNER (You can freely change fonts, date format, move widgets, change the width of the entire blog and sidebars, change background colors, header, and the base layout (the sidebar to the right or left, etc.)

TEMPLATE SIZE: (You can change widths as you like)
entire blog width: 1050 px
sidebar width: 290 px

Customizable Layout
fully customizable with blogger designer (also added new variable definitions)
automatically generated about author widget (from google+ profile)
customizable social media buttons (just add widget and links)
stylized post footer with share post button
blockquote stylization
highlighted comment author of blog
stylized subscribe via email widget
stylized search widget
stylized pagination (newer, older posts)
♠ stylized matching template for mobile devices ♠

// xml template file
// .pdf with instructions
// all graphic elements in png with empty header background
(also additional social media icons: pinterest, facebook, twitter, instagram, contact, g+, etsy, bloglovin, youtube) \

How you like it? 

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  1. Adorable! Imagine with a lime green… <3 I think I'm in love with this template ^_^