NEW BUSINESS WEBSITE and a lot off working

Hello! First of all, I must apologize that for a few days not posted anything new. But I was super-busy. I was building my very-own, very-first website! During this process, I had a lot to learn ... How and where to buy a domain. How to design a professional website, not a blog in blogger platform? Once I find the address (I spent a few good hours to wondering on which company I should choose. I decided on a Polish company to make it easier for me to become familiar with the settings.). Here is new address: http://www.pastelfeatherstudio.com/

here's a little preview:

Then I was ready to design the page. I'm really happy with the result! It's my style, preserved in the colors of yellow and pink (like my blog - yeah branding baby!). In total, the layout is simple, because I love flat design. I figured out how to add a slider and a nice recent blog post widget. The page isn't incredibly dynamic but it's mine, I won't find another like it in whole internet - so well - yes, I'm proud of myself :) Perhaps in time I will add something or change a little design but I have a base.

Biggest fear was that I wouldn't know how to connect it to the domain. But I found a great tutorial (in Polish), who explained step by step what's going on with the CNAME record, the DNS and all the technical stuff. It turned out that fear has a quick ear and connected it took me less than 15 minutes. (*jumps for joy*)

I wanted to take this initial step behind me, so I have to describe few more things, add a portfolio, etc. but the most important work is behind me. I'm really excited and I hope that, this site will proudly represent my business, design shop (which I hope will be successful in the future)

In addition, I prepared a new product to the store (Charlotte BLOG KIT matching to Charlotte blogger template), so soon will be available for purchase. And tomorrow I go back to serious blogging.

So these few days were intense, but productive, and all that really matters.

Come round to my website and tell me what you thing about it :)

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