FREE fall, autumn & Halloween wallpapers for iPhone / Android smartphone.

I know it's late, but better late than never :) Tomorrow is Halloween, so I barely made it! I have prepared wallpapers for iPhone and Android smartphone. I was inspired by the aura of autumn, falling leaves (which are plenty in Poland), and of course the celebration of Halloween. 

autumn baby:

you are bootiful

too cute to spook

let it fall...

Please do not share them as your own work, not to sell, use for business / commercial purposes or remove the signature from the graphic below. Fell free to share this with link back to this post or my blog. I do it out of the kindness for new and current readers and to share my work to others, so play nice OK? :)


In your phone, open the link to the selected wallpaper. (It can be automatically opened in new window). Tap and hold the picture until you see: save the image. Go to the gallery and set the wallpaper as usual.

how you celebrate Halloween?

In Poland, we do not celebrate this holiday. Officially, we have the first of November All Saints 'Day (All Souls' Day, Day of the Dead) We talking about them, pray for them, and visit the graves of loved ones. We light candles and go to mass. (those who are believers) It doesn't look like a crazy, all-night parties celebrated as in the USA. Here, we focus on tradition, although home decorating, dressing up and collecting candy is becoming more and more popular. Only time will tell what the new generation will want to do.

Love ya, and Happy Halloween! ♥

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