Autumn improvement and makeover.

Hello folks!

After a long absence, for many reasons, now I'm back to blogging. I hope that these few observers will forgive me and will gladly returned to my blog.

But by this time I was not doing nothing. I have prepared a lot of changes.

new template

Most important thing is a new design for a blog that will be better and more pleasing to the eye, had two sidebars and new handwritten logo. It took me some time but I moved real makeover. I am very happy with the results :)

old design:

new design:

Also change the slogan to "blog yourself with style" to "it's time to shine" This is due to the fact that I plan to publish posts on various topics, about the way of life, photographs, inspiring me artists, webdesign. Also, I will post, for blogger tutorials, graphic elements, my work, and all that is related to the blogosphere. So the the mission of the blog is to show a little bit eye candy and modern ways of blogging.

new color paletts

I gathered, a handful of great images for color palette on the secret board in Pinterest, so I will have lots of fun in the making of new ones. From now on will be in the shape of a square, and the colors are no longer in circles, but in cute, small ribbons. I changed the concept because of the size of the images required to be shown in funpage on Facebook and post it so I can, if necessary, add a six-color palette of colors. Circles limited me. I do not want to reduce them more. I do not like to be restricted :) Also I make new watermark, yay!

Here is example:

As you can see, the time is not spent on anything. The new site will be ready this week, so stay tune, because waiting for us a lot of interesting things.

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  1. It's so good to have you back online Monika :-) we've missed your pastel palettes ;-) can't wait to see the new blog layout <3